The Aqua Line by Simple Flow
The Aqua Line currently consists of an Aqua Actuator and Aqua Remote, allowing you to easily open and close standard quarter-turn ball valves remotely. Servicing irrigation systems is a breeze with the Aqua Line because you can control ball valves up to 1.5″ without having to enter a customer’s home or business, saving everyone valuable time and money.

How it Works

The Aqua Line works in tandem with a remote and valve actuator to go over and control existing ball valves.

The Power of Simplicity

Intentionally designed to provide major cost savings and value, the Aqua Line was designed by contractors for contractors.

For Contractors

Retain your customers, reduce your liability, save time & money, simply do more with less labor, plus provide excellent customer service.

Where to Buy

Find the nearest dealer carrying the Aqua Line or become a distributor of Simple Flow Inc. products.


Start making more money with the Aqua Line

“I love scheduling a three-hour window where I have to wait at home for my sprinklers to be winterized. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”
—said no one ever

Designed for simplicity, the Aqua Actuator is easy to install (no plumber required!) and gives wireless remote access to the main shut-off valve. No WiFi is needed as the Aqua Remote connects to the Aqua Actuator securely through a long distance 915 MHz signal, along with unique company and property programmable ID’s. Contractors never need to enter a home or business again.
Everyone saves time and money by removing the hassle of scheduling — never worry about missing an appointment! The Aqua Remote can control an endless amount of Aqua Actuators, so you can get more done with less labor.


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Simple Flow Inc. (SFI) is dedicated to finding solutions that simplify work flow for contractors, guaranteeing more can be done with less while never compromising quality or customer service.
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