How do you install the Aqua Actuator? Does it have to be installed by a licensed plumber?
The Aqua Actuator mounts over any existing standard quarter-turn ball valve. One of the best things about it, is that no plumbing is necessary to install the Aqua Actuator.

What size ball valves can an Aqua Actuator work on? The Aqua Actuator can be fitted to any ½ inch to 1½ inch quarter-turn ball valves. Special note: if valve is extremely calcified or difficult to operate, the valve may need to be replaced in order to use the Aqua Actuator.
Does the Aqua Line products require batteries? The Aqua Actuator comes with a very small power adapter that only covers a single outlet. And with 15 feet of power-cord that comes standard, it shouldn’t be a problem to find a standard 110 volt electrical outlet (extensions sold separately, if needed). The Aqua Remote is rechargeable and comes with a USB charging adapter.


How do I open or close a ball valve using the Aqua line products? Install the Aqua Actuator on the existing ball valve, program the Unique Property ID (UPID) with the Aqua Remote that is already programmed with your Unique Company ID (UCID). The process is simple, fast and secure! Now, any remote set up with your companies UCID can open and close this ball valve remotely. There is also a manual push button on the Aqua Actuator if you happen to be next to the unit.
How long does it take to open to close a valve using Aqua line products? From the time you get out of your vehicle, search for the devices at the specific property you want to service, open/close the ball valve and receive verification that such action was a success… about a whopping 30 seconds!
Does Simple Flow’s Aqua line products integrate with other smart home devices? Not currently, but we are in the process of expanding an integrated platform. If you would be interested in this option, please contact us at email@simpleflowinc.com


Who is Simple Flow?
Simple Flow is a company that is designing/building products that can simply DO MORE WITH LESS LABOR! Simple Flow’s products are designed by contractors for contractors. So you can rest assured that bringing the highest quality and value products to the market is our main goal!

How does Aqua line products work? The Aqua Actuator can be fitted to any ½ inch to 1½ inch quarter-turn ball valve. With the use of the Aqua Remote, technicians can open or close valves without having to access your customers home or business.

Why would you want to use the Aqua line products?
The Aqua Remote and Actuator will allow you to get more done with less labor! No more hectic days of scheduling, missed appointments or liability of having your technicians enter your customers home or business. Manual operation counter gives the contractor insurance that water was not turned on to your system over the winter. Programmable company and property ID’s give you peace of mind that only your companies Aqua Remotes can remotely operate your Aqua line products. This also gains customer retention and much added value to your customer list once you decide to retire. All of this, while providing better customer service and added value to your customers themselves.

How do I dispose of Aqua line products? The Aqua line products are designed to fulfill your irrigation service needs for many years. If necessary, you can dispose at collection points for electronic waste, not in domestic waste.

Does Aqua line products have a warranty?
Yes, as long as the products are registered on Simple Flow’s website, Aqua line products carry a two year limited warranty which covers any manufacturer defects.

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