How It Works

Get access and control from outside with the Aqua Line

Aqua Actuator + Aqua Remote

Designed by contractors for contractors, the Aqua Line was created to provide a solution for irrigation companies/technicians using the Aqua Remote and Aqua Actuator to open and close ball valves located inside a home or business, without having to gain access inside. 

The Aqua Actuator is easily installed over an existing, standard quarter-turn ball valve controlling the main water shut off to a customers irrigation system. Best of all, NO PLUMBER NEEDED! It is powered by a standard outlet, and controlled securely by the companies programmable remote.

The Aqua Remote is programmed to connect with an Aqua Actuator over a secure system that does not require Wifi and uses a strong reliable 915 MHz signal. One remote can control and infinite number of Aqua Actuators. The Aqua Remote is small and tough. It's IP68 rating makes it dustproof, waterproof, and shockproof and the sealed, long lasting rechargeable battery allows the technician days of usage between charges.

Use the Aqua Line to save both you and your customers precious time and money! No need to waste time scheduling start-ups, blowouts, backflow tests... Let one technician get more done on installs and routine service calls when using the Aqua line products to flush main lines before installing valves or nozzles, or when servicing a stuck valve. There is also some contractor insurance built in to the Aqua line products by being able to remotely see if the water was turned on to the irrigation system between the time that you winterized the system and when you are there to start the system up. All of this and plus knowing that you or your customer will never have a missed appointment again. So your customers can expect more, while you are making more money!

Aqua Actuator


◙ Compatible with ½ inch to 1½ inch ball valves

◙ Does not require plumber for installation

◙ Installs in minutes, but built to last for years to come

◙ Secure connection to only your companies Aqua Remotes

◙ Tracks manual operations for your protection

◙ Does not require wifi

Product Details

Dimensions: 9 ¼” x6 ½” x 2 ¾”
Weight: 1 lb 11 oz
Motor Direction: clockwise or counter clockwise 
Ambient temp. range: 125 degrees F
Can be fitted to ½ inch to 1½ inch ball valves
Includes two year warranty with registration

Aqua Remote


◙ Programmable security ID

◙ Long lasting, rechargeable battery

◙ Two-way communication allows you to see the position of the Actuator remotely

◙ Reliable 915 MHz signal allows control from up to 100 meters

◙ Can sync with and control multiple Aqua Actuators

◙ Small, but durable, IP68 rated, dustproof, waterproof and shockproof

Product Details

Ambient temp. range:

Includes t year warranty with registration

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