Designed with simplicity in mind
The Aqua Line offers a solution for a common problem affecting irrigation companies and customers: scheduling service and maintenance. Technicians servicing irrigation systems need access to main water shutoff located in home or business. This typically requires a customer to be there to give technicians access and this is simply an inconvenience and waste of time for all parties involved.
Scheduling is more than just a nuisance: its valuable time and money. The contractors office has to try and confirm a time that works for both parties. The customer’s day is interrupted to meet with a technician, and a technician is restricted to that window of time.
The Aqua Line solution is simple: make it easy for technicians to turn on/off the main ball valve without requiring access to a home or business. Give the power of time back to homeowners and technicians so they may spend it how they best see fit.
Simple Flow Inc. designed the Aqua Line with simplicity in mind. It was designed by a contractors, for a contractors, so it’s easy to install and easy to use. The Aqua line products gives you the flexibility to remotely control any standard, quarter-turn ball valve securely and confidently.
The Aqua Line is durable, reliable, and secure. It does not require installation by a plumber nor does it require access to customers secure wifi network.
The Aqua Line simply allows contractors DO MORE WITH LESS LABOR!
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