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Your Simple Flow Aqua Actuator can be mounted to any pre-existing ½” to 1 ½” ball valve that is located with at least 7” of clearance between walls/structures/obstructions and the ball valve handle both in the open or close position. It is mountable to PEX, PVC, copper or any other type of standard plumbing pipe.

  1. Make sure the valve is easily useable by hand with minimal force before continuing further with installation. Even though the Actuator was built with a strong and durable motor, if the valve is too stiff, it may need to be replaced before proceeding with installation.
  2. Place the ball valve in the closed position. Special note: this is very important to ensure proper alignment of the Actuator on the ball valve.
  3. Using the manual release pin on the bottom of the unit, move the valve actuator arm to the closed position as well.
  4. Open both hose clamps by unscrewing them until the strap is free from the screw.
  5. Insert the ends of both hose clamps through the mounting bracket and leave them loose.
  6. Open the screws (4x) on the control arm to allow the brackets to move freely.
  7. Remove rubber valve handle cover on existing ball valve or use a utility knife to remove dipped rubber material from the sides of the valve handle to allow smooth operation.
  8. Place the mounting bracket on the pipe and open the hose clamps ends to go over the pipe you are mounting the actuator on. Loosely tighten the hose clamps so the unit remains movable.
  9. Align the control arm with the valve handle and place over the handle.
  10. Gently close the control arm brackets around the valve handle. Do not close the control arm bracket too tightly around the valve handle or the unit will bind on the handle during operation.
  11. While making sure the valve Actuator is aligned with the valve handle, tighten the screws on the hose clamps until tightly fastened to the plumbing.
  12. Plug the unit in with power supply provided. Test for proper installation by depressing the button on the top of the motor housing. Check for smooth operation in both open and close functions.
  13. Proceed to pairing the unit with your Simple Flow Aqua Remote.


Once you have installed the Aqua Actuator and have the Aqua Remote in hand, proceed with the following steps to sync and control the actuator using the remote:

  1. On the remote, enter your remote specific PIN to log in. (Default is 0000)
  2. On the remote, enter the Unique Property ID (UPID) of the property where the valve actuator will be located and associated with. Special Note: It is recommended to use the street address of home or business.
  3. On the valve actuator, press and hold the open/close button for 5 seconds to enter into the pairing mode. The light behind the button on the actuator will begin to blink once in pairing mode.
  4. Next go to the Settings menu on the remote. Click OK and wait for remote to search for actuators within range.
  5. Select the serial number of the actuator you wish to pair and click OK.
  6. Select “Set UCID” first to assign the actuator to your company’s Unique Company ID. Confirm the action and select Yes when asked. Company UCID is set in administrator mode to associate the actuator to your company. (Refer to Administrator Mode section for instructions on setting the UCID for the first time or to change UCID on the remote).
  7. Next select “Set UPID” to give the actuator a property ID. Confirm the UPID is correct and select Yes. (Special Note: it is recommended to use the street number of the property address.)
  8. Finally, choose a Unique ID for each actuator by selecting “Set ID” from the menu. Test operation after device setup.


Before setting up any Aqua Actuators, a company administrator will first need to set-up the Aqua Remote. This allows a company owner or administrator to set a Master PIN (MPIN) for the remote to access the administrator section and set a Unique Company ID (UCID). The MPIN and UCID are extremely important and must be saved. These security features allow the owner/administrator to associate all valve actuators with their company and will keep anyone without it from accessing or controlling your devices

Follow these steps to set-up the remote and to access the administrator functions:

  1. On the remote at the PIN screen, press and hold the back and home buttons for 5 seconds to enter the Master PIN log in. Press and hold back and home buttons for 5 seconds
  2. Enter Master PIN # 000000, Master PIN is 000000 by default.
  3. Select “Change Master PIN” to change or setup the master PIN Use the up and down arrows to change each digit and use left and right arrows to change position. Press OK on remote when complete.
  4. This returns you to the main PIN login. Repeat steps 1 & 2.
  5. Select “Change UCID” to change or setup the UCID. Use the up and down arrows to change each digit and use left and right arrows to change position when complete. Press OK on remote when complete.
  6. Select “Reset PIN” to change or setup the PIN login. Press OK on remote when complete.
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